Guidelines for Pick-Up Process

Airport Pick-ups

  • All bookings should have an assigned driver.
  • Drivers must start their journey by sending their Driver events through your designated Driver's App
  • If Driver is unable to use the Driver's App, please save a proof that the Driver is at the pick-up location on time (For example: parking tickets, GPS logs, timestamped photographs...)
  • Drivers must wait for customers as per our agreed airport meeting points.
  • Wait for 90 minutes from when your customer lands (or from your agreed offset time) or 30 minutes if it is a non-airport pick up.
  • At 25 (airport) or 5 minutes (non-airport), start contacting the customer by call and/or text message.
  • If the customer has not appeared after the attempts to contact them and the waiting time has ended, report it as a customer no show (even if you wish to wait more time for them for free).

Non-airport Pick-ups: Convenient and Reliable Transportation Beyond Airports

Non-airport pick-ups refer to transportation services that cater to passengers who require pick-up or drop-off locations outside of airports. These services are designed to meet the transportation needs of individuals or groups who require transportation to or from locations such as hotels, residences, corporate offices, event venues, or any other non-airport destinations. Non-airport pick-ups offer convenience, flexibility, and personalized service, allowing passengers to easily and efficiently travel to their desired locations without the hassle of airport-related procedures. Whether for business or leisure purposes, non-airport pick-up services ensure reliable transportation options for a seamless and comfortable journey.